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This is truly a great time of the year!  We’re not talking about the perfect late summer weather, or the excitement of starting a new school year, or the return of college football.  This is a great time of the year because it’s “Lawn Reinforcement Season”!

That’s right!  Mid-August through late-September is the ideal time of year in Michigan for establishing new turf. This is true if you are planting a new lawn or doing a full renovation of an existing lawn, but it is also perfect for a simple “Lawn Reinforcement”.

What is a “Lawn Reinforcement”?

This is a process we use to strengthen and thicken existing lawns that are suffering from poor turf density and weak turf health. These problems can be the result of things like poor soil, overly shady growing conditions, soil compaction, improper watering or poor fertilization.

Does this sound like your lawn?  Then you should give us a call and get on our schedule NOW so you can take advantage of the current ideal turf-growing conditions.

Our “Lawn Reinforcement” process involves:

  • Aerating your lawn to break up compacted soil to improve the circulation of air, water and nutrients to the roots of the turf plants.
  • Over-seeding, and slit-seeding, with a blend of grass seed tailored to the unique growing conditions of your yard.
  • Application of starter fertilizer specifically formulated to promote root growth and rapid turf establishment.

This process will introduce new seed varieties into your existing lawn, many of which are new and improved cultivars.  The result will be increased turf density, better color, and improved disease resistance for your lawn.

Ideally, Lawn Reinforcement is something you should do every 2 years, in conjunction with a good lawn care program and a proper watering schedule.  If you follow this formula, your lawn will be the finest in your neighborhood, year after year!

Are you tired of the crabgrass, the bare spots, and the thin turf?   Are you frustrated from wanting a lush and healthy lawn but not being able to do it yourself?

Then give us a call and ask to speak with a Reder Landscaping Lawn Specialist. Also, be sure to ask about our custom Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance Programs.

For over forty five years Reder Landscaping has been known for growing and maintaining the most beautiful lawns in the Midland, Saginaw and Bay City area.  NOW is the time to let us help YOU get the lawn that you’ve always wanted!