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Take a look at these photos below of some common landscape problems that we typically see during early spring in the Midland, Bay City, Saginaw area.

Chances are you’re seeing these problems in your yard as well, because after the incredibly harsh winter that we’ve just experienced we’re seeing this stuff EVERYWHERE!

Winter Yard Damage

These problems are:

  • Snow Mold: small circular patches of grey, white or pink fuzzy mold in the lawn caused by large quantities of snow covering wet, frozen grass.
  • Winter Burn:  when the leaves of shrubs turn brown from drying up, or desiccating, due to cold temperatures and the inability of frozen roots to take up water.
  • Animal Damage:  during a harsh winter animals will eat whatever vegetation they can find and can inflict a lot of damage to trees and shrubs, whether it be deer browsing the leaves, rabbits girdling the trunks or mice attacking the roots.
  • Tree Debris:  dead branches, twigs and limbs of trees littered about the yard due to freezing temperatures, heavy snow and high winds.

If your yard was hit hard this winter and is suffering now, contact us today and ask us about “The Works”.  This is a program that we designed to rejuvenate and reinvigorate your landscape.   Click here to learn how Reder Landscaping can restore your yard to “like new” condition.