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Roses are a favorite shrub and for good reason, they come in many varieties and colors to compliment any landscape. Proper care and maintenance will ensure your roses bloom for years to come. One important step to healthy roses is proper pruning.

Late winter and early spring is the best time to prune roses. At this time of year you will prune for health, size and shape. Make sure to prune your roses before new growth starts to emerge. Using sharp, clean pruning shears ensures clean cuts and prevents the spread of disease.

  1. To begin you will want to remove any dead, damaged or diseased branches. By doing this you will not only prevent the spread of disease, this will also promote healthy growth.
  2. Next you will want to remove any branches that are crossing or rubbing on other branches as well as any branches that are growing inward, toward the center of the plant. This will improve air circulation ensuring a healthier plant.
  3. While pruning you will also want to make sure your cuts are just above a healthy, outward-facing bud to encourage new growth.
  4. Also be mindful of the height of the branches so they are uniform to create a desired shape of the plant overall.
  5. Once you have your plant properly pruned for health and shape you will want to remove any debris around the base of the plant to prevent the spread of disease.

Roses do require some care during their blooming period also. Remove any dead-heads (dead blossoms) to keep your rose healthy and to continue supporting new growth.

Following these pruning practices will ensure a healthier plant.

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