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Unfortunately, an all-too-common sight these days around Midland and the Tri-Cities is the presence of tree services cutting down large, mature Ash trees.  The reason for this is the massive amount of damage done to this species of trees by the Emerald Ash Borer, or EAB.

EAB is a pest native to Asia that was accidently introduced to  the U.S. ten years ago when some infested pallets were on a ship that was docked in the Southeast Michigan area.  Since then EAB has spread to over twenty states and has brought devastation to one of our most common and most beautiful species of native trees

Many people mistakenly believe that EAB is a death sentence for their Ash trees and that they will have to cut them down sooner or later.

In this video, Paul Reder and Nick Felice of Reder Landscaping discuss EAB in the interest of educating the public and to dispel some misinformation that’s out there about this pest.  Learn what to look for in your Ash trees to determine if they’ve been infested and to what degree.

Most importantly, learn about a simple, affordable insecticide injection treatment that Reder Landscaping has been using with great success to save many Ash trees.

If you have Ash trees in your yard (which most of us do here in Central Michigan), you will want to watch this video.  And if you want to learn more about the science around the insecticide injection treatment consult this article.

Also, if you’re concerned about your Ash trees and would like a consultation to learn about keeping them healthy contact us.  We very well may be able to save you from the pain and expense of cutting down some beautiful trees.