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You’ve got questions, we have answers.  Below are the five most common questions that pop up every summer regarding the upkeep and care of your lawn.

How much do I need to water my lawn?  Most lawns need a minimum of 1.5 inches of water per week to stay green in the heat.  This should be done in the early morning so the lawn has a chance to dry before going into the dark.  A lawn that stays wet into the evening is an open invitation to insects and diseases. 

How long should I cut my lawn?  Most lawns in this area are a combination of bluegrasses and rye.  These plants have stems about 2 inches long before the leaves start so cutting any shorter than 2.5 inches causes the lawn to be thin and susceptible to weed invasion.  Also by cutting higher you shade the soil and reduce evaporation of water.

Should I mulch or bag my clippings?  Most lawns should have the clippings mulched into the turf.  This helps to recycle nutrients back to the lawn and reduces the amounts of fertilizer needed to keep it green.  If for some reason you are late or miss a mowing then please bag the clippings.

How often do I need to fertilize my lawn?  The recommendations of most turf professionals is that the lawn get 4-5 pounds of nitrogen per season, this should be spread out over 5 or 6 separate applications.

How do you get rid of violets?  Violets are a very difficult weed to control.  They have a very waxy surface that most herbicides cant penetrate.  We use a sticker agent such as soap and spray them every 10 days for 30 days.  Like everything else persistence and good follow up is what really does them in.

So we couldn’t stop with just five.  Below us a bonus Q&A just for you.

How much and when should I water my new plants?  A good general rule is to water in the morning every other day.  Each plant should get a minimum of 2 gallons every time.  Larger plants and trees require 5 gallons minimum per watering.  Clay soils need less frequent watering compared to sandy soils.