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Things are hot and dry out there, so today’s post is about watering and irrigation.


Up until recently, this summer has been a mild one in terms of moderate temperatures and generous rainfall.  For the most part, Mother Nature has been very helpful with keeping our lawns and plants green.  However, we haven’t had any significant rainfall in a few weeks , the temperatures have recently risen and are predicted to be high for a while, and there is no significant rainfall forecasted for the near future Small showers like we’ve occasionally had over night just don’t substantially measure up.

So we think it’s time to sound the alarm and tell everyone that it’s officially time to get out and water your landscape!!!

What are some good watering guidelines?  Newly planted lawns, bedding plants, shrubs and trees need to be watered to the depth of the plant’s root system every week during the growing season of its first year.  In other words, for new turf and bedding plants this means watering to a depth of 4-5”, for shrubs to a depth of 12-18”, and for trees 18-24” deep.  These guidelines would also be good for established plants and lawns during dry times like these.


Speaking of watering, a couple of weeks ago we announced two Irrigation Specials for the month of August to help keep your landscape green and healthy.  Now that things are dry and getting drier, it’s worth re-mentioning them:

Special Offer #1:  Schedule your Mid-Summer Irrigation System Check-up during the month of August and you’ll receive a 15% discount off the labor and materials for this service.

Special Offer #2:  Install a new irrigation system, or do a significant addition or upgrade to an existing system, during the month of August and you’ll receive for free a new rain sensor and a deluxe service package for 2014.

Click here to learn more about these great offers or contact us to speak with one of Reder Landscaping’s Irrigation Specialists.


Like cell phones and many other things, irrigation systems have made some big technological advancements over the last few years.  These advancements mean that the new sprinkler systems conserve water while giving better watering coverage, save money, are easier to operate, and can be operated remotely.  Here are a few of the recent advancements:

  • Wireless rain sensors, soil sensors and weather stations that interface with your controller to automatically adjust watering rates based on current moisture conditions.  This includes freeze detectors that will shut off the system in cold weather.
  • Accessories and software that interface with your controller to allow the homeowner to program and adjust their sprinkler system remotely from their PC or mobile device.
  • High-efficiency heads and spray nozzles that provide better watering coverage and operate with less water pressure.  The new heads and nozzles can also be retrofitted more easily to existing systems, saving the homeowner money when renovating or adding to their current system.
  • Improved pressure regulators in drip irrigation systems to ensure even watering of plants and shrubs, even on steep slopes.

It’s a fact that a sprinkler system is a great investment in the value of your home.  These advances in irrigation technology combined with our current special offers make now a great time to contact us to speak with a Reder Landscaping Irrigation Specialist  to find out how we can help keep your lawn and landscape healthy and green!