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When we last posted about our new building back in mid- November we had just broken ground for construction.  Since then a great deal of progress has been made, despite the break for the holidays and the incredibly harsh weather we’ve been having this winter.

Framing was completed in early January and the roof was finished shortly after that.  Since then electrical work has been going on and is almost complete, and the ceilings have been sheet rocked and insulated.  Our move-in date is projected sometime in early to mid April, and we are really looking forward to it!

As we wrote back in November, our new building is something that we dreamed about when we bought our nursery property in 1992, and something we’ve been seriously wanting to do since 2006.  At 6000 square feet, plus our original building of 1200 square feet, we will now have 6 TIMES more space than before!

Thanks to Cobblestone Home Builders for their efforts during this brutal winter weather to make our dream a reality, and we hope to see all of you this spring!  In the meantime, you can continue to follow the progress of our new building on our FaceBook page.