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We want to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Labor Day Weekend!

This is truly a special time of the year here in Mid-Michigan.  We posted last week about how we at Reder Landscaping get especially excited because this is the ideal season to plant a new lawn.  However, Labor Day Weekend obviously represents a lot more.

First and foremost, it is a time to honor all the hard-working people in America whose efforts have built this great country.  At the top of the list, in our opinion, are all of our fantastic employees here at Reder Landscaping working in customer service, landscape design, landscape construction and landscape maintenance.

Labor Day Weekend is also the time of the year where we Michiganders can boast that nowhere in the country has better weather than we do right here, right now.  The days are warm and sunny with low humidity.  The evenings are cool, but comfortable.  It is ideal weather for all of us to be outdoors and enjoying outdoor living.

So whether you’ll be boating, fishing, camping, golfing, taking in one of the last Loons games of the season, walking the Mackinac Bridge or simply relaxing in your own backyard (designed, built and maintained by Reder Landscaping, of course), we hope you enjoy this last weekend of the summer!

The Reders