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One thing about our Michigan weather that is certain — every spring is different, and every spring is unpredictable.

This couldn’t be contrasted more than between Spring 2012, with early 80 degree weather, and Spring 2013, one of the wettest Spring’s on record.

We need to take it with a grain of salt as we ramp our crews for the new season each year.  Some years like 2012 we have to be nimble and quick, and other years like this one, we have to be patient.  It’s already April 16, and there are no forsythia to be seen!     Either way, we have to be prepared.

As the weather warms up, the rain slows down,  and the grounds dries out, you’ll see our lawn maintenance, construction, and irrigation crews more and more frequently in your neighborhoods.

Just how much rain have we already had this Spring?  Check out this rainfall report on Mlive (and be prepared for more!).