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If you had unexplained tree damage that began after August 2010, it could be from an herbicide (weed killer) called Imprelis® and you could be part of a class action settlement.

Imprelis® was used from August 31, 2010 to August 21, 2011 and was applied by lawn care professionals on residential and commercial properties, as well as by licensed “self-applicators” on golf courses and other properties.  The settlement provides compensation to property owners including tree removal and payment for replacement and care for damage to trees and other vegetation.  These damages include twisting, browning and fleshy galls that was caused by the herbicide (see photos below).

If you had unexplained damage or would like more information of the types of tree damage the herbicide may have caused, visit the Imprelis® Class Action Settlement website or call 1-866-802-8112.

Browning spruce

Twisting White Pine

Honey Locust Fleshy Galls

Pine Terminal Bud Swelling