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A problem that we’ve been seeing this summer on a lot of the properties Reder Landscaping maintains is the presence of scale insects.

Maple, Redbud and Magnolia are the species that appear to be hit the most by the scales. Unlike the Emerald Ash Borer, which has decimated the Ash population throughout Michigan and is very difficult to control, scale insects normally do not kill a tree and are very easy to eradicate.

One of the first signs of scales in the spring is when a tree is late or having trouble leafing out.  Scales actually overwinter and feed on the bark of the tree.  Other signs include wilting branches, dropping leaves, and dripping honeydew which turns walls and driveways black.

Reder Landscaping has several ways of combating scales including spraying smaller trees, soil trenching, trunk injections, or a combination of techniques.

If you suspect a problem with scale insects in your landscape, don’t wait!  Contact us to schedule an Arborist Diagnostic Consultation today!


This article was contributed by Warren Liken, Reder Landscaping’s Nursery Manager and Staff Horticulturist.  Warren also holds an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certification, and is one of only two Certified Arborists in the State of Michigan.