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The leaves are now almost completely off the trees, and despite the recent warm temperatures, that means it’s officially late fall.

Did you know that fertilizing your trees and shrubs in the late fall is more effective for promoting overall plant health than fertilizing in the spring?

Plants respond to a late fall feeding by pulling in the nutrients, converting them to sugars and storing them. Come spring these sugars are available to the plants to use immediately when the weather warms, allowing them to bounce back quicker and healthier from the winter.

A late fall feeding will also help your trees and shrubs resist disease, drought, and insect damage next season, as well as improve flowering.

If you want to set up your landscape plants for a healthy and vigorous spring, don’t delay! Call us today to schedule a late fall feeding for your plants and take advantage of this limited time frame before the ground freezes!

Be sure to ask about our Bronze, Silver and Gold Plant Health Care Programs. These plant fertility programs are designed to keep your trees, shrubs and perennials in top shape year round. Also, inquire about our new Certified Arborist Plant Care Program, for homeowners with mature landscapes who want a custom, comprehensive plan crafted by a plant expert.

When it comes to beautiful lawns and landscapes, Reder Landscaping is the one company that does it all!