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We’re issuing a Watering Alert to all our Reder Landscaping customers because things could potentially get real bad, real soon for your lawn and landscape plants.So far this summer the weather has been “deceptively” hot and dry.

What do we mean by this?  The temperatures have been warm for awhile now, but not blistering hot.  We’ve also had enough showers to fool people into thinking we’ve had some rain, but there hasn’t been nearly enough precipitation this June and July to keep your lawn and landscape plants healthy.

What’s worse, the 10 Day Forecast for Midland from Weather.com is calling for more hot weather with little chance of rain. That’s why we’re issuing a Watering Alert and urging everyone to get out the hoses and crank up their irrigation systems starting TODAY if you want to protect your yard from drying up!

Here are some watering guidelines for this extreme summer weather.

It’s important to understand that trees, shrubs, perennials and lawns installed within the past year are EXTREMELY VULNERABLE in these hot and dry conditions.

Newly planted lawns, bedding plants, shrubs and trees need to be watered to the depth of the plant’s root system every week during the growing season of its first year.  In other words, for new turf and bedding plants this means watering to a depth of 4-5”, for shrubs to a depth of 12-18”, and for trees 18-24” deep.

These guidelines are also good for established plants and lawns during the type of dry, hot weather like we’re experiencing now.

In addition to these guidelines, it’s also a good idea to frequently check your plants for wilting, as well as monitoring the soil to make sure it hasn’t dried out.  If you find wilting or that the soil around your plants is excessively dry, get the hose out (or turn on your sprinklers) and soak immediately.

Contact our office if you have any questions about irrigation or watering.  Also, don’t forget to schedule your Mid-Summer Irrigation Check-up, and be sure to inquire about our FREE Irrigation System Evaluations.