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It’s that time of year! Right now, your lawn is most in need of adequate watering.   The temperatures are high and the rainfall is inconsistent.  When you combine these conditions with things like malfunctioning sprinkler heads, stuck valves and an incorrectly programmed controller, havoc can easily be wreaked on your lawn. This is true if your lawn is being over-watered or under-watered.

We came up with 2 limited time offers to help!

Special Offer #1: Schedule your Mid-Summer Irrigation System Check-up during the month of August and you’ll receive a 15% discount off the labor and materials for this service.

And if you’re thinking of adding a new irrigation system or updating an old one, visit our Irrigation Services page to learn more about how Reder Landscaping can help you. Over the last few years there have been great advancements in irrigation technology and product offerings in terms of watering precision and water conservation.

Special Offer #2: Install a new irrigation system, or do a significant addition or upgrade to an existing system, during the month of August and you’ll receive for free a new rain sensor and a deluxe service package for 2014.