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While adding lighting to your landscape design might be the last you think of, it’s always on our minds.  And, even if you are thinking about it, sometimes it’s hard to visualize the use of landscape lighting in anything but typical spot lights and sidewalk lights.

There are many ways to add dimension and drama to your landscape design with lighting.  Landscape lighting done well adds a whole new dimension of beauty and drama.  It has a “wow” factor.  Lighting can and should be indiscrete, mesmerizing. and almost magical.

We’ve written several articles in the past about the effects of landscape lighting that is done well.  You can read a Q&A interview with one of our landscape designers, Dave Fletcher, here.

It’s one thing to talk about it, and see pictures of a well-lit landscape, but it’s another to experience it – to “test drive” different types of lighting in an authentic setting.   But, you can’t exactly go walking through stranger’s yards!

Experience It

At Reder Landscaping. we just brought to life a landscape dream we’ve had for many years, and that’s the building of our on-site display gardens.  It’s one thing to visit our gardens during the day time, but it’s an entirely different experience at night!  We’ve implemented (literally) hundreds of lights in all styles and varieties to demonstrate the different effects you can create with lighting in your landscape.

Stop by and experience our gorgeous landscape lighting at any  time.  Our lighting is on solar sensors, so when it’s dark they are on.   Our front gate is closed at night, but you are welcome to park and walk right in.  We are working on providing street and pathway lighting for your convenience.

Landsape Lighting Display 7


Landscape Lighting Display 5


Landscape Lighting Display 3


Landscape Lighting Display 2


Landscape Lighting Display 1


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