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Looking forward to a lush, green lawn and shrubs full of blooms throughout the warm months ahead? Now is the time to give your lawn and plants a healthy start to ensure they can perform at their best.


  1. Pick up any large debris on your lawn such as fallen branches and trash.
  2. Rake your lawn to remove any matted grass from last year’s late leaf drop, matted leaves, snow mold, moss and any other small debris.
  3. Apply lawn fertilizer that contains pre-emergent to prevent the growth of weeds.

Shrubs & Trees

  1. Prune seasonally appropriate shrubs for shape and form and to remove any desiccation damage.
  2. Replace plants as necessary from damage due to desiccation and/or animal damage and winter stress.
  3. Fertilize your flowering shrubs, roses and perennials to ensure lush foliage and vibrant blooms.

Plant Beds/Mulch

  1. Pick up any large debris and remaining leaves.
  2. Apply granular weed prevention.
  3. Fluff existing mulch or replace (mulch should be replaced about every two years).
  4. Place and plant container gardens.

Sprinkler Systems

  1. Perform or schedule the open of your system.
  2. Adjust heads and watering time for the season.
  3. Replace any damaged parts and/or update with new technology.

Around the House

  1. Clean gutters and ensure downspouts are clear and attached properly.
  2. Clean out window wells to ensure water has proper draining and does not cause an issue in your basement.
  3. Lastly, place outdoor furniture and accents so your outdoors feels as welcoming as your home.

Does this list seem overwhelming? Let us help! We offer spring cleanups that can include all of the items listed above or only the ones you need or want. Call our office at 989-835-8260 or submit a request here.