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Has your lawn been taken over by moss?  If you have a moss infested lawn or moss patches in your lawn you are not alone.  Moss is an ongoing problem for many lawns in our area.

So, what causes moss to grow on lawns?  There are several factors that can contribute to moss growing in lawn.  Shady conditions, inadequate fertilizer (especially a lack of nitrogen), low soil pH level, compact soil and over-watering are the main reasons for moss in lawn.

Have you been researching how to get rid of moss in your yard?  Our team of certified lawn specialists has developed the best way to get rid of moss in lawn.  We begin by treating the lawn with a specialized moss control product to restore the needed nutrients in the soil; this process will cause the moss to turn brown or black after about two weeks.  Once this has happened, your lawn is ready for a lawn renovation; we will remove the blackened moss by raking it out of the lawn and seeding the area.

The best time to kill moss in lawns is whenever it is actively growing.  Our experts’ recommendation as to how to keep moss out of lawns is to add two moss control applications to your regular lawn fertilizer program.  Regular moss control will prevent a lawn full of moss.

If you have moss growing instead of grass let our experts help.  Call 989-835-8260 or contact us here.  There is still time to save your lawn this year!