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Fall is a good time of the year not only for planting, but to think about spring. Focusing on lawns for a moment, I want to highlight some things that are good to do in the fall to make your lawn look its best in the spring.

Fall Fertilization. If you would like to give your turf grass a boost for next spring, fall fertilization is the way to go. Fall fertilization, helps the lawn to recover from any problems it may have suffered in the summer. It also helps the grass store carbohydrates that will be used next spring to initiate growth.

Fall Seeding. We are a bit beyond the window for fall seeding, but if you really want to add some seed to the thin areas of your lawn, you can still do it but you will have to hope that this warm weather continues for a while longer.

Broadleaf Weed Control. Fall is an excellent time to control the broadleaf weeds that may have invaded your lawn this summer. The reason this is a good time to control them is because the weeds are busy storing carbohhydrates in their root systems and are more susceptible to herbicide application. Apply the herbicides on a sunny day when there is no chance of rain for 24 hrs. There are many types of broadleaf weed controls available. Make sure to wear the proper protection for the application and keep your pets indoors or off the lawn until it is dry. You will not get to see the weeds die, but next spring there will be less of them to notice.

Core Aeration. Golf courses in Michigan are busy with this activity at this time of the year. Core Aeration punches little holes in the lawn to allow the intake and exchange of air. This type of aeration helps to combat soil compaction especially in areas that have a little higher traffic pattern. Soil compaction is bad for trees, shrubs, perennials and turfgrass because it limits the amount of air getting to the roots. Roots need oxygen and CO2 exchange in order to survive.

Winter will soon be here, unfortunately for us gardeners, so next week we will discuss winterization for your trees, shrubs and perennials.