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The most recent survey sponsored by the American Society for Landscape Architects asked residential landscape designers what they felt would be the most requested outdoor living and landscape features for the coming year.  At the top of the list were things like landscape lighting, fire pits/ fireplaces, seating/ dining areas, grills, and low maintenance landscapes.

The results of this survey are in line with a shift that we’ve been seeing here in Mid-Michigan over the last few years where homeowners want to be able to enjoy their yards and landscapes as an extension of their homes, no matter what the occasion, mood, or even the weather.

This attitude represents a change from just a few years ago when landscape design was mostly about aesthetics.  Now it seems that landscape design has evolved from focusing on what landscapes look like to focusing on how people will experience them.

Homeowners now want their yards to be outdoor living spaces designed for their enjoyment.  They want to entertain and relax with their families in beautiful outdoor rooms.  They also want to spend as little time maintaining them as possible to maximize their time enjoying them.

Fire pit and brick patio with elegant lighting features.

Locally, we’re also seeing an increased emphasis on creating these outdoor rooms as part of the renovation of an existing landscape.  With the shifting economy, more people are planning to stay in their homes for longer durations.  Along with this decision homeowners are increasingly choosing to invest in the enhancement of their landscapes and their quality of life with a beautiful outdoor room.

With our challenging climate here in Michigan it takes a lot of expertise and creativity to design and build landscapes that are beautiful, sustainable and sensitive to the lifestyle and budgetary requirements of homeowners.

For over 30 years Reder Landscaping has been creating unique outdoor spaces, casting a legacy in timeless brick and natural stone. They endure because of a dedication to excellence and an attention to detail and craftsmanship unmatched in our area.  You can get more landscaping ideas in our idea galleries.

Luxury outdoor room with fireplace.


Casual outdoor room integrates effectively with indoor living space.

Do you have a question or idea about outdoor rooms?  Leave a comment below to discuss with a Reder Landscaping specialist.