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Longtime Reder clients, Ellen Hock and John Eggers, graciously share their experience of working with Reder on their St. Charles landscaping project. We have done many landscape projects for them over the years and enjoy having them as maintenance clients also. You may have seen their testimonial on TV!

We’ve been working with the team at Reder Landscaping for a little over 8 years now and our experience has been incredible. We can tell we’re heard, we can tell they’re listening and we’ve been happy with everything they’ve done.

Why Reder?

John: When we started out we were looking for a good business, a sound business to get a couple of different ideas. Along that path is where we ran into “oh you don’t want to do that, you want to use brick pavers here” after explaining that we wanted a very natural look to the design. I would often hear similar comments regarding different elements.

John: When we approached Reder it was a completely different experience. Their response to us was “I like that idea. Now, how do you see this flowing John, or what do you see here?”. We were satisfied completely all the way through. The drawings and the finished work showed us they listened. We hit a home run working with Reder.

The Design

Ellen: I love how they were able to take the elements of the property and tie in the house with the overall design. The placement of the rocks and especially the flower pots brought interest and color. We loved that they were able to keep it as low maintenance as possible for us and yet still enhance the natural aesthetics of the property.

John: We had originally thought of the landscape project as an accent to the house. Going through a home renovation and landscape renovation at the same time, we found ourselves more excited about what got completed on the landscape project and realized how we had undermined what landscaping could do for the property and the home.

The Team

John: And their team! Every worker was introduced to us and we got to know all of them throughout the project, When we would come home we’d go out to catch up with the crew and discuss the design. If there was something; a rock that we mentioned maybe placing somewhere different, it would never fall upon deaf ears. The next day I’d get a call from our designer that one of the crew members relayed that message. They acted upon things immediately. It was amazing that everything was heard. They have really great communication, we felt it all the way through.

Ellen: We appreciated that at the start of the project the crew setup an access point to the home with the littlest amount of disturbance and they used a path around back for deliveries of their materials. You could tell they were thinking for you as if they were the homeowner. They were respectful and courteous. It wasn’t just the design team that we worked with, it was the landscape crew as well. It all tied together and brought the whole project to completion, having the entire team from Reder.

Where can we improve?

Ellen: We had such a great experience, where Reder can improve, I don’t know. They had such great communication and like John said, they actually really listened to us. They had us look at different options so we were able to be involved in the design and materials used and they worked it so those choices could be utilized in the project. It would be hard for us to think of going with anyone else.

John: They didn’t leave anything to chance. They would say “this type of rock, we want you touch it and see it and make sure we’re on”. We’d go there and be like “that is it”. One of the boulders up by the lake they selected for us has interesting natural elements in it and you could tell they placed it a certain way, you could just feel the care in it. It wasn’t an individual by any means, it was a complete team, our design was very difficult to put together and they definitely hit that one on the mark. When we get to the next phase there is no question who we will be calling, we will be calling Reder, it was just that comfortable, it was really good.

Overall Experience

The whole experience has been wonderful. I would encourage anybody looking for any type of landscape, do yourself a favor, call Reder. You will get what you want plus more.  

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