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Whether your lawn is suffering from drought stress, insect damage, poor soil conditions, moss infestation, or a combination of factors, we have the solution. The effects of these conditions can be corrected with a Lawn Renovation.

  1. We begin with a Weed Control Application, if necessary.
  2. Once that has taken effect, we will perform a Core Aeration on your lawn.
  3. Then we Power Rake to break up the plugs of soil and thatch.
  4. Once that is completed we will Slit Seed your lawn which will not only help to thicken your lawn, but will introduce new cultivars to help strengthen your lawn and make it less susceptible to weed growth.
  5. Lastly, we will apply a Lawn Fertilizer Application.

Don’t wait! Fall is the time for lawns! Slowed weed growth, warm soil and the cool, dewy evenings of late summer are the ideal conditions for seed to germinate. In our region, specifically mid-late August through the end of September is the ideal time to seed lawns. Now is the time to start planning to get your lawn looking its absolute best!

Call 989-835-8260 or contact us here for a lawn evaluation by an experienced professional in lawn restoration, from a name you know and trust!