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Now that the extreme temperatures of this summer have cooled and several rainstorms have given relief to the drought-like conditions, we are hard at work to correct the damage.  Landscapes in our area all suffered in some way; from trees changing color early, shrubs showing stress with leaf curling or browning, but the most obvious sufferer is lawns.  If your lawn has large areas of bare soil or dead patches you are in need of a Lawn Renovation.

Drought is not the only cause for dead, dry lawns this year.  Many factors have plagued Michigan lawns along with the drought; shade and moss, insect damage and poor soils are the most common causes for damage.  The effects of these conditions can be corrected with a Lawn Renovation.

What is the process of a Lawn Renovation?  Weed control will be applied if necessary, once this has taken effect, a core aeration of the lawn will be completed and then power raking will be done to break up the plugs from the core and loosen the soil surface.  Once the lawn prep has been completed, we will slit seed and a fertilizer application will be applied to the lawn.

Don’t wait!  Lawns can be seeded in the spring but the warm soil and cool evenings of late summer are the ideal conditions to grow grass seed.  There is still time to save your lawn this year.  Call 989-835-8260 or contact us here for a lawn evaluation by an experienced professional in lawn restoration, from a name you know and trust!

Some lawns are not in as poor condition.  If your lawn is looking thin and weak it can be rejuvenated with a Lawn Reinforcement.