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We wrote last month about how a common winter pastime is to look out over your snow-covered landscape and envision the landscape projects that you’d like to do when the warmer weather of spring arrives.  In our case at Reder Landscaping, we’ve been envisioning the beautiful new display gardens that we’ve been planning for our new office building.

How about you?  What landscape projects are you dreaming about this winter that you’d like for your yard this spring?  A new outdoor living room with a brick paver patio and outdoor kitchen for entertaining?  Landscape lighting to add year-round drama and interest to your landscape?  A water garden to create a backyard oasis? A new lawn with a state-of-the-art irrigation system?

Whatever it is that you’re envisioning, the winter season is the best time of year for landscape design and planning.  The biggest benefit to working with one of our landscape designers during this time of year is that your project will be ready for construction as soon as the weather breaks in the spring, meaning that you’ll have more of the good weather months of the year to enjoy your landscape project.

So take advantage of this winter season and schedule a meeting with one of our talented landscape designers.