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Mulching is great for your plants, improves the look of your landscape, and it saves you money when you do it yourself!

A favorite and realistic “do-it-yourself” project for Reder Landscaping customers is mulching their own planting beds – whether they are installing mulch in new beds or just top dressing their existing beds.  However, we often hear the complaint that when our customers do their own mulching it just never looks as good as the work of our Reder landscape crews.

In this video, we share 3 tips that landscape professionals use to get that crisp, neat look that makes your planting beds look their best.  They are:

  1. Cut a sharp edge with a spade along the edge of your beds for definition and to contain the mulch.
  2. Use a pitchfork for loading the mulch into your wheelbarrow and for spreading the mulch in your beds.
  3. Finish rake the mulch to remove large pieces and to even off the mulch.

Please comment below if you have more questions about mulching or have any unique tips to share!

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