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The Summer of 2016 is turning out to be warm and very dry. So far, things aren’t as bad as the Summer of 2012 (when Midland County was declared a Drought Disaster Zone), but they easily could be soon.

If you want to protect your landscape and ensure that it thrives during the summer heat and dryness, you need a sprinkler system that is ready for the challenge.  Reder Landscaping’s Irrigation Team is here to help, and here are 2 things you can do:

Call today to schedule your Mid-Summer Irrigation Check-up

For a Mid-Summer Irrigation System Check-up we will:

  • Check your controller and valves to ensure proper operation.
  • Check and adjust all sprinklers for proper coverage and water distribution.
  • Re-set your controller to a proper seasonal schedule based on current summer conditions and the specific horticultural needs of your lawn and landscape.
  • Repair any line breaks and broken sprinklers, if needed.

This service is your best insurance against having to pay for costly repairs to dead turf and landscape plants from lack of water.  Call today to get on our schedule.

Call today to schedule a FREE Irrigation Evaluation

 Maybe you’re thinking of a new irrigation system, or upgrading the one that you already have? A FREE evaluation of your watering needs from a Reder Landscaping Irrigation team member will give you the expert advice you need.

With Reder, our 35 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining award-winning landscapes means we know the specific watering needs of your turf and plants. We also have the expertise with the most up-to-date irrigation technology on the market.

Our approach to irrigation produces the best results in the landscape, while saving water and money.

What type of soil do you have?  What types of grasses and plants?  Do you need specialty irrigation heads like misters and drip lines for watering planting beds and containers? Or maybe different spray nozzles for a problem area in your lawn? Would you like a Smart Controller that you can program and operate from you phone?  Or do you just need some straight forward guidelines for how much to water?

Your FREE Irrigation Evaluation will address these issues and more, to get you the sprinkler system that suits your landscape and your budget.

And did we mention that it’s FREE?  Call us today – we’re here to help you and your landscape thrive this summer!