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So far, the fall season of 2016 has been incredibly mild.  Did you know that the first frost of this fall was almost 3 weeks later than normal?  This has made for some beautiful fall weather, which is always nice.  It also means that the leaves are dropping much later than usual, which creates a bit of a challenge for those of us in the leaf removal business.

Here’s a few things to know about leaf removal this fall

If you’re an existing Reder Landscaping maintenance customer and you’ve always used us for fall clean-ups, it’s important to understand that when the leaves drop as late as they have this year, our timeframe for leaf removal is compressed.  Please have patience. You may be looking at a lot of leaves on your property for longer than you’re used to, but don’t worry.  We’ll be by soon to give you the great service that Reder Landscaping has always been known for.

If  you’ve occasionally used Reder in the past for fall clean-up or want to try us for the first time, we strongly recommend that you call us right away to get a quote and to get on our schedule.  Because of the compressed timeframe this fall for leaf removal, we’ll have fewer openings for new clients. So call today so you don’t miss out!

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and like to do your own fall clean-ups, it’s important to remember that raking leaves isn’t just for fall fun. It’s a vital activity for the overall health of your landscape.  Here’s a few tips from our Landscape Winterization Checklist to help you do a better job:

  • Mow your grass short the last two mowings of the season.
  • Remove all leaves and debris from your lawn before the snow flies to prevent snow mold damage in the spring.
  • Remove all leaves and debris from your planting beds to prevent mice and rodents from nesting near your home over the winter.
  • Get all the leaves out of your egress windows.  This is so the drainage stone in your window wells won’t clog up, which can cause water issues in your basement come spring.
  • Be sure to clean out all your gutters and bubbler drains.

Enjoy this beautiful fall weather and everything this wonderful season has to offer!