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Watch Us Make Our Own Top Soil!

Talk about being green!  It's top soil making time! Every year Reder Landscaping's crews collect over 2,000 cubic yards of lawn clippings and yard waste. After a 2 year process of decomposition, we screen the piles of compost to make our own top soil and organic plant...

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Top 5 Reasons to Call Reder for Your Fall Cleanup

Even though it's unseasonably warm right now, don't be fooled!  The leaves are already starting to fall, and at the first cold snap they will be coming down fast!   And that means... Fall Cleanup is right around the corner. Raking leaves and cleaning up fall debris is...

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It’s Not Too Late to Hardscape [Video]

Whether you have a large project in mind to renovate your outdoor living space or a smaller project in mind to enhance and beautify your landscape, fall is an excellent to give us a call!   Unlike Spring when most people want projects done, the scheduling timeline is...

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The Relaxing Power of Water in the Landscape

The relaxing sound of running water, the sparkling light, and the presence of chirping birds attracted to the water are just a few of the ways a water feature can transform an ordinary landscape into a backyard oasis. This short video features several projects where...

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14th Annual Reece Endeavor Garden Walk

Reder Landscaping is proud to serve once again this year as an Event Sponsor of this special event! The 14th Annual Reece Endeavor GardenWalk will take place this Wednesday July 19th from 2-7 PM.  This event is a great opportunity to experience some of Midland’s most...

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